I’m Deborah Weber, an Illuminary and a Messenger. I help guide people into seeing the truth of who they truly are.  We are big bright beautiful Beings each embodying our own perfect Divine Soul Blueprint, and we came here with gifts and treasures to share.

It is my mission, through my work here in Temenos of the Blessing Light, to increase the vibration of Love and Joy on this planet, and help those on their spiritual path move into ever-increasing awareness, wholeness and joy.

  • Discover your Divine Soul Blueprint        

Create, express and experience in alignment with the truth of who you truly are.  You are so much bigger than the you who “fits” into your physical body.  Your Soul hasn’t forgotten.  You chose to be here now; you chose this adventure in order to create while in the physical.  When we make the transition into this physical life we forget much of who we are.  But now you are called to awaken.  Now you are called to remember who you are.  You have a Divine Soul Blueprint and you brought it with you so you could build the life and experiences you wanted.  The information is yours – isn’t it time you looked and remembered?

  • Find  answers to questions about why you are struggling and take action to move forward.           

First let me say there is nothing wrong with you – you are not broken; you do not need to be fixed.   But when we shift out of alignment with our truth – who we really are – it’s as though we put a barrier  in our energy stream that diverts us from our true course.  You are meant to live an inspired life filled with Love, Light, Abundance, and Joy.  You deserve nothing less.

You may experience challenges, feel stuck and want to shift to have things different.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting growth and change, and to step more fully into the who you are.  Claim your power to be ever-evolving into wholeness.

  • Plug into your support system

You are meant to be connected with your Higher Expanded Self and to your Spirit Guides and Angels.  Inspiration and wisdom is always available to guide and support you.

Find out how to develop and deepen these connections and receive clear messages.  Feel the support!

  • Receive energetic infusions of Love and Light and messages of wisdom and guidance.

Allow yourself to partake in the loving light and support that is available.  Receive infusions of comfort, peace, and love when you are feeling depleted.  Fill your own well so you can go forward and shine your light and offer your gifts from a place of fulfillment and joy.