Do You Have a Guiding Word for 2018?

It can be so exciting to choose it… but it can get be a little daunting as well. Overwhelming even. We can sometimes need a bit of extra support as we create our beautiful lives and work with our guiding word.

Would you like a little on-going boost of energetic support throughout your year?

Trees In Seasons


I’ve put together a package to provide just that kind of assistance. Two custom-blended bottles of flower essences and two auric sprays sent to you over the course of the year. All to help encourage, nurture, and nourish you and your guiding star word as you make your way through 2018.

Both flower essences and my auric sprays are vibrational tools – they bring harmony and balance by imparting their healing vibrations, creating a vibrationial shift in your energy patterns.  

Flower essences are most frequently taken internally, under the tongue or in a glass of water.  Essences contain the vibration of the plant energy, not actual plant material.  

My Auric Sprays are not meant to be ingested, but rather misted in your aura.  Each of my sprays is created to uphold a specific vibration which you can attune to.  What could be nicer than a “feel good energy shift?”  My Auric Sprays are divinely guided and intentionally created.  They contain the finest therapeutic-grade essential oils and vibrational essences in prayer-infused and sound-blessed spring water, and each bottle contains a tiny gemstone.

 Here’s how the program works:

  •  When you sign up you let me know what your Word/Theme/Guiding Star is. And I’ll create a custom blend of flower essences just for you. Your word is fresh, in the seed stage, and we’ll give it the boost of extra nurture and energetic support. You’re beginning a new journey – let’s get you off on solid footing. I’ll include an affirmation you can use to energize your practice.
  • In the 2nd quarter of the year, in April, it’s time for another boost of support. This is when you may find yourself a bit stuck or off-track, or maybe your word or exploration has evolved in an unexpected directions and you need a dose of energetic support. I’ll send you a bottle of one of my Auric Sprays. They come in dozens of formulas and include such things as Harmony, Inspiration, Focus, and Positive Thinking, and you can choose the one that feels like the perfect fit for you.  I create additional new formulas each year depending on the energies the year evokes. We’ll keep your guiding star word energized and your focus refreshed.
  •  Come July I’ll put together another custom blend of flower essences to give an energetic boost to you and your word. You’re halfway through the year now, you and your word have matured together on your path, and now it’s time to deepen, to nurture the blossoming. Let’s create some support so you can flourish!
  • And finally, come October, I’ll send you another Auric Spray you’ve chosen to support you as you move through the final months of your year’s journey with your guiding star word.

The cost for this program of two bottles of flower essences custom blended for you, a personally tailored affirmation supporting your word, and two bottles of my Auric Spray (your choice of formulas) is $80 plus $20 shipping within the U.S.

I love working within a seasonal container, but I’ve also had requests to offer more frequent support.  So instead of receiving a boost once a season, you can also choose to receive a boost every other month.  For this program I would create 6 custom blended bottles of flower essences; one sent to you every other month, along  with a personally tailored affirmation supporting your word sent with your first bottle.  Any time during the year, you’re welcome to choose to receive one of my Auric Sprays in place of a custom bottle of flower essences – I’ll check in with you every other month so you can decide.  

The cost for this year-long every-two-months program is $140 plus $30 shipping within the U.S.