Attune to the Energy of Each Day

& Move Through Your Week in Graceful Rhythm

 Make Room for More Joy

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What if you paused for just a few moments each day and looked at the day with curiosity and intentional centeredness?  What awesomeness could you create?

Time is an odd thing. It certainly seems accelerated, and we can get caught up in the busy-ness of it all. Sometimes the routines we fall into can make each day a carbon copy of the one before and the one to follow, and it just gets increasingly difficult to pause and notice. We know this isn’t how we want it to be, but how do we change?

What if you held each day as a separate container you paid attention to?  Like pouring your morning OJ into a specially-colored glass on Monday, that’s different from Tuesday’s glass, that’s not the same pattern as Saturday’s.  What if noticing helped increase the spaciousness, because it brought you into focus?  What if it pulled your energy out of what happened in the past and brought your energy back from projecting into the future, and simply gave you a way to be present to the current moment?

Come play with me for a few minutes every day for a week. 

This course is designed to help you start each day with intention and focus, maximizing the energy and rhythm inherent in each day.   See how paying just a little attention and being present can help you make the most of your day.

You’ll receive a 20-page PDF that includes:

  • Information for each day of the week so you can attune to the day’s energy
  • Suggestions on how to harness the energy of the week so you can move with the flow not against it
  • Directions on how to set your intention for the day and anchor it
  • Invitations on ways to make more room for joy
  • Links to recordings/meditations/encouragements



Here’s what others have said about the DAYS course:

“This is so much fun.  I found that being present in my days made them go smoother.”    –Kathy, Utah

“I love Deborah’s work and I appreciate the opportunity of  DAYS  to begin my daily journey with a dose of  optimism, thoughtfulness and attention to my soul’s business.  Inspirational!”   -Mo, Cypress

“I am learning that when I give even a few minutes to my day for intention and attention, it is made more sacred.  I urge anyone who is looking for a little more depth and meaning to their life to participate in DAYS.”   -Kat, Santa Fe


Be present.  Be engaged.  Move intentionally.  Have fun.

That’s what DAYS e-course is all about. 

Worried you don’t have time to do this?  Don’t be.  I’m keeping it short and simple so you can dive right in and start benefiting right away.  We’re not looking to add another burden onto your day – we’re helping you align to the energies so you can flow into your day with more ease and grace and focus.  YES!

But if you want to spend more time, explore a bit more widely and dig a bit deeper, every day has some additional invitations for you to consider.  Choose what feels right and juicy and supportive to you – it’s your day!


This short course in the meaning of the days and the energy involved in them is interesting, meaningful, and short enough to absorb in less than 15 minutes.  Incorporating the information into my daily practices will, I think, help me to do things both more mindfully and in tune with the energy of the day.”    –  Jitka, IN


Click this button to receive your DAYS course now.  For just $3 a day you can build a practice that supports you to move through your week with greater ease, clearer intention, aligned to flow, and welcoming more joy.  Come play!

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