It is my joy and blessing to be a channel for The Sacred Rose Council, a group of higher dimensional Angelic Beings, who offer messages of inspiration and guidance as well as energetic infusions of comfort, joy, and peace.

Mission Statement of The Sacred Rose Council

We bring messages of Love and Unity.  There is a need on your planet for these reminders.  The timing is important and each of you has been called to step forward now.  In times when fear is often present and the chattering is loud, it is especially important to have those who provide the alternate point — those who can bring serenity and peace by their presence, who can uplift by their words, who can shift the energy and bring light to the situation.  We work in collaboration with you; just as you agreed to work with us, we agreed to work with you.  There is no one higher or lower in this situation – we are equal but different.  But we are both important components in the equation.  For this work could not be done without all present.

We shift energy.  We work with the flames of transmutation.  We bring balms of comfort and support through our words, our energy, through the fragrance of our presence.  We are like calming waters and gentle breezes.  We ask you to turn your face to the light and receive the blessings that are offered you.  We comfort, we encourage, we remind you of your Divinity, and your power as creators.  We witness you and hold the mirror up so you can each see your beautiful reflections and know you are holding much light.  All who hear us, all who welcome our messages understand at some level their connection.  We awaken these reminders.  We shift energy and we deliver messages so you remember who you are.  It is our honor to do this, and we tell you you are beautiful, you are light-filled, you are loved and supported always.  Namaste.

The Sacred Rose Council


Here is a recorded welcome message from The Sacred Rose Council.  Listen.  Allow yourself to feel the energy.



Here is a longer message from The Sacred Rose Council on Joy.

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Join me by phone for regular monthly group channeling sessions.  The Sacred Rose Council usually begins by delivering a brief message on some topic, and then they open the floor for questions.  They often talk about the importance of gathering with others of like interests and vibrations, and this is a perfect opportunity.  Gather in sacred space, receive energetic infusions, and get your questions answered.   Information about the next gathering and how to sign up is available through my newsletter as well as the Current Events box at in the sidebar of this page.   There is no charge for these sessions.

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