What does Temenos of the Blessing Light mean?

Temenos (TEM-en-os) is a Greek word meaning a sacred, protected area surrounding a temple or altar.  Carl Jung adapted the word to signify the alchemical container wherein healing and integration can take place.  For me it represents a sacred space in which to move into greater wholeness, deeper peace, and more abundant joy, so that we can truly shine as we are meant to.   I invite you into this space to learn more about yourself.

What are the Akashic Records?

In some respects it is difficult to discuss the Akashic Records because the concept is almost too much for the mind to grasp.  The Akashic Records are a recording, an energetic imprint, of everything that has occurred.  Everything.  Every being contributes to and accesses the Akashic Records.  It’s a repository of all information available.  I see it as an infinite library – and each one of us has a “book” in that library, that contains the entire history of our soul.   I see each Soul’s book as a gorgeous volume, like the most elaborate illuminated manuscript.

But of course there aren’t actual “books” – the Akashic Records are energetic imprints.  And the vibration within the Akashic Records  is very high – it feels to me that everything is recorded in the “ink” of Love and Golden Creator Substance.  For me the Akashic Records are a tangible dip into the energy stream of Unity Consciousness – it is a reminder that we are connected to All.

What is a reading like?  What can I expect?

When you request a Divine Soul Blueprint reading you give me permission to open your Akashic Record.  You don’t need to be present when I’m looking at your Record.  I don’t enter into a trance or anything mysterious.  I’m fully conscious in a heightened state of receptivity.  I am able to ask questions and write down answers.  I systematically look through your Record.  Your Divine Soul Blueprint can be seen as a “map” of who you are at Soul level.  I also look in your Records in response to the issues currently affecting you.    Your Record provides clear and accurate information whether we’re looking a something that has a root cause in your present life or may have originated in a past life.  I do this part of the reading work on my own (in the presence of my Guides), and afterwards is when we meet by phone so I can discuss my findings with you.

What is channeling?

We all have access to higher wisdom, to guidance, to inspiration.  Everyone has the ability to connect and does so throughout their everyday life, opening to receive guidance.

As a direct-voice channel I consider myself to be an open vessel or perhaps a bridge.  I have made a connection with a group of higher vibrational wisdom beings known as The Sacred Rose Council, who hold great light and love.  As a bridge I allow messages of wisdom and vibrations of love to be passed through me so they can be received and embodied here on Earth.

When I am channeling I am awake, aware and present.  The Sacred Rose Council is blending their energy with mine and using my consciousness to give voice to their messages.  It is always a very beautiful, sacred and love-filled experience for me.

Receiving channeled messages of love and support, guidance and inspiration, can be a wonderful gift, helping you attune to the higher vibrations your Higher Expanded Self recognizes.