Aren’t love letters wonderful?  Don’t we all deserve to receive lots of them?

Well here are few from me to you.  Some things hopefully you’ll find interesting and/or helpful.  Things to remind you how wonderful you are and how loved you are and ways to bring more joy into your life.   Check back often, I’ll be adding more.   Because I love you!

Joy Through the Chakras E-Guide

A look at each chakra in brief overview and some simple suggested activites to help activate joy through each chakra.  Find what brings you joy and embody, embrace, and enact it!   Click here to request the download link.  The form will also subscribe you to my monthly newsletter, but if you’d rather not receive it, you can always easily unsubscribe.

Brief Grounding and Centering Exercise
Here’s a short recording from The Sacred Rose Council on how to ground and center from the heart.  It’s just the kind of simple quick thing you can do multiple times a day when you’re feeling off balance, out-of-focus, and simply need to ground and center.  Enjoy!

Spring Message
Here’s a recording from The Sacred Rose Council  with an energy attunement and message for Spring.