Hello Beautiful Friends –

I’m delighted you found your way here, and it’s my joy offer you a brief channeled message from The Sacred Rose Council specifically to support you and the beautiful journey you are undertaking with the HEART’S Way to Divine Guidance program.

The Sacred Rose Council  is a group of higher dimensional Angelic Beings, who offer messages of inspiration and guidance as well as energetic infusions of comfort, joy, and peace.

You can access this recording  by filling out the form below.  I’ll also send you my newsletter.  Each month, at the time of the new moon, The Sacred Rose Council provides  a message about the current energy and offers suggestions for way to navigate it with more ease and grace.   No worries – I won’t spam you, and there’s always an easy unsubscribe option if you decide this isn’t a right fit for you.   After all,  I whole-heartedly encouage  you in finding what brings you joy and support.  You deserve nothing less!

Best wishes on your journey!

Deborah Weber