Are you visiting this page because you’re curious about who I am? I understand and welcome that curiosity — I think it’s wonderful to be inquisitive about who we each are.

My mission is to help people see the bigger picture of themselves, as Luminous Divine Beings in human embodiment, who are here to create, express, and experience in alignment with their perfect Divine Soul Blueprints. We all carry gifts and treasures, and when we live our lives in ways that allow their clear expression, it’s nothing less than wonderful. I’m doing that with my life – my work is an expression of who I am and what I love and it fills me with joy.

My journey to this work has had a number of turns, each of them focusing on empowerment and moving into wholeness.

I hold a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University. As a practice specialty I worked with women and children survivors of physical and sexual violence. This work greatly deepened my commitment to finding effective ways to foster healing and increase personal empowerment.

But my own continued spiritual awakening shifted my perspective and focus and I became immersed in spiritual exploration. I became very interested in discovering my own Divine purpose and seeking to understand who we are at Soul level when my sister became terminally ill when I was in my 20s.

This path of seeking understanding eventually led me to the Akashic Records and once I learned how to access them it was literally life changing. Not only did I find peace and answers but my intuitive abilities grew exponentially. And it was suddenly clear to me that I was being called to help others attune to and align with the bigness of who they really are.

I do not believe that there is anything wrong with any of us – we are not broken. It is true we can shift ourselves out of alignment with who we truly are and that can show up in ways that appear as challenges and restrictions and difficulties. But we are also capable of shifting into wholeness and allowing ourselves to express our own unique divine energy signature clearly and joyfully. My gift is helping people see their life from a Soul perspective; helping them remember their Divine Soul Blueprint so they can create their life in accordance; and offering messages and reminders that we are surrounded with love, support and guidance on our journey.

Working in the Akashic Records allows me to bring forward information about an individual’s Divine Soul Blueprints as well as circumstances and events from throughout their Soul’s experience that are impacting current circumstances. We are big, multi-layered Beings with histories to match!

One of my joys is helping people connect with their personal team of Spirit Guides and helping them access the assistance and guidance that is always available to them. I know how helpful and important my connection with my spiritual support team is, and it is my wish that everyone consciously utilizes the love and support that is available to them as well.

In addition, I am a direct-voice channel for a group of higher vibrational beings known as The Sacred Rose Council. They bring forward beautiful messages of Love and Unity. They provide gentle and loving messages that help in navigating the energies of these times; and they offer empowering guidance as well as energetic infusions.

I am also a certified flower essence practitioner and aromatherapist. I began working with flower and other vibrational essences more than twenty years ago for my own healing, and quickly realized what a tremendous and useful support they were to many on the path of growth and moving into wholeness. Flower essences are liquid extracts that are vibrational in nature. They embody specific energetic patterns and are catalysts to facilitate and support balance. I find adding the support of flower essences to my Soul empowerment work with clients extremely valuable. Additionally I find aromatherapy and the use of essential oils very helpful. I have developed a line of auric sprays and also create custom flower essence blends.

Another major component of my life and work is my art. I believe art is a spiritual practice that offers a path of centering and opening. I am not formally trained as an artist; my work is deeply intuitive. Clients, while doing transformational Soul work, often find it helpful to have a tangible reminder of the work they are doing. I am frequently asked to create talismans/touchstones and altar objects, and I find this work deeply rewarding. I work primarily with stones and botanicals, although each piece is guided by what is needed and what will support transformation and wholeness.

A message of guidance that continually comes forward for me and those I work with is the importance of living anchored in your core values – that everything one does needs to be an expression in alignment. The values that I hold as important and try always to live by are love, joy, beauty, heart-centeredness, grace, and abundance.

It is a blessing and privilege to work with individuals at Soul level, and I absolutely love what I do.