Aren’t love letters wonderful?   While I may not have literally written a love letter to everyone on the list here, they truly are people and services I simply love and have no hesitation recommending.  I only mention things I have direct experience with and have found truly helpful.  (And none of these are affiliate links, so no worries about that.)  I haven’t quite figured out perfect categories for organizing this awesomeness, and things certainly aren’t listed in any particular order, so I just invite you to poke around.


Laurel Bleadon-Maffei of Illuminating Souls is a glorious and empowering teacher reminding us all we are beautiful Lightworkers who can create the big sparkly lives we want; and who channels Josephus and the Wisdom Council.

Danielle Rama Hoffman of Divine Transmissions brings forward ancient and innovative wisdom that inspires personal growth and elevates consciousness, and does so with great beauty, grace, and joy.

Meredith Murphy of Expect Wonderful is an amazing wayshower for expanding human consciousness and channels Archangel Michael.

Authors/Angelic Channels

Irene Lucas author of Thirty Miracles in Thirty Days is a beautiful and compassionate teacher with powerful reminders of our worthiness;  and who is a pure clear channel of great Light and Widsom.

Shanta Gabriel of The Gabriel Messages is an amazing and empowering teacher charged with the work of bringing forward the loving messages of Archangel Gabriel.

Flower/Vibrational Essence Creators

Lynx Graywolf of Morningstar Essences is a brilliant light-filled soul producing an astonishing array of absolutely wonderful and powerful essences – I love these!

Deborah Craydon of Flora Corona is a leading-edge teacher doing amazing and innovative work and producing a line of very high vibrational floral, gem, and light elixirs.