It’s lovely to get love letters for the work you do.  And I know it can be helpful when deciding to purchase something to hear what others have to say.   Here are reviews of my  Self-Care:  Prescription to Thrive reading.


“From the moment I opened my self-care report, I felt held in clear love and support. There was nothing about this reading that didn’t resonate with me; it left me feeling completely seen and honored. Deborah was able to look straight into my soul, past all of the muddled layers, into what was most important for me to know right now. The report offered both a larger look at self care and personal practical advice and tools that I could begin to use right away. This reading showed me how I could give myself permission to express myself fully and care for myself in the ways that I need – and that’s huge! I consider it a sacred document, to return again and again when I feel myself losing touch with my truth.”

Lori-Lyn Hurley


“Self-care is the everywhere lately. I have stumbled across so many articles, lists, podcasts in the past few months about self-care. Rarely have I read or heard anything that goes as deeply as Deborah’s Self Care: Prescription to Thrive.

When I first read over the words she offered, I literally looked over my shoulder, wondering if she had been reading my journal. She had pegged so many of my rooted thoughts and how those thoughts were hindering my ability to fully accept, love, and give complete kindness to my self. The core of her prescriptions is centered in challenging self-thought. Without changing the way that we see ourselves, self-care is nothing but a list of activities to put on the to-do list. Being grounded in a loving self awareness allows self care to grown organically. That is the gift that Deborah gives along with a detailed prescription that will grow the self-care practice and generous permission to slowly integrate the practice in your day to day life. “

Cynthia Lee

Spirit Uncaged


“Deborah’s ‘Prescription to Thrive’ is so beautifully written, so lovingly accurate and insightful, that I now see areas where I can easily give myself more love and kindness. Her prescriptions are creative and interesting, and provided me with simple yet wonderful ways to start nurturing myself every single day. It’s already making a positive difference in my life!”

Cindy St. John – Spiritual Medium & Channel


“I loved, loved, loved my Prescription to Thrive self-care report. It was amazingly accurate. You knew exactly what was present for me. I mean EXACTLY! You spoke about my strengths with such love and my challenges with incredible gentleness. I felt so seen and supported reading what you wrote (and Deborah, you are such a warm and beautiful writer!!!). The prescription part was fabulous. You spoke about leaving old stories behind and to literally stop telling them…and you were spot on! I also appreciate the work you suggested around my 3rd chakra. The report was so detailed and clear…full of valuable tools to take my self-care to the next level. It was truly extraordinary!!! I have nothing but glowing things to say. I am so grateful to have received it.

You are amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!   Love!!”

Jo Anna Rothman


“When I read my Prescription to Thrive Self-Care report, I could feel my soul opening up. Sometimes life moves so quickly and it’s not always easy to go into the quiet and attune to the best path of self-care. Deborah’s guidance is steeped in light and love and is truly assisting me in keying in on how best to take care of myself during this time of transformation. I recommend her services with all my heart.  She is a treasure!”

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei

Illuminating Souls


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