Your Prescription to Thrive




Self-care is the foundation of keeping yourself operating at optimum levels, and we all know it’s important.  But it can often be the first thing sacrificed when things get busy, or the first thing ignored when someone else pushes forward for our attention. 

You are important.  Your needs are important.  Own it.

We all know various things we consider self-care – good nutrition, enough sleep, adequate exercise, laughter, connection.  But those things can seem so generic, and it can be overwhelming to consider adding them all to our already over-burdened to-do lists.

You don’t need more you’re not able to do.  You need a few suggestions optimized to really support you.

Sometimes  we simply may not know why we aren’t taking care of ourselves.  Or we might need a boost in inspiration, some tangible suggestions we can put into motion.

You are unique.   Tap into what supports your thriving.

I’ve created a unique reading to support you. 

     Self-Care: Your Prescription to Thrive

It’s a report created solely for you based on your divine soul blueprint – who you are at soul level.  Given that you are unique, your self-care needs are unique as well. 

I begin by taking a look at your Akashic Records.  I look at your Soul Self – the essence of what makes you you.  I believe when we consciously pay attention to expressing the essence qualities of who we are at soul-level we’re aligned with the fullness of our being and we’re shining the truth of who we are. 

For this particular reading I’ll be looking to see:

  • What elements of your self-care are out of balance and what the reason might be.            

Knowledge is power and when we understand why we act in certain ways we can begin to shift things.

  • I’ll also take a look at the things that are fundamentally true about you and ways of nurturing and supporting yourself that can be most effective and supportive.         

We’re not all the same and our self-care routines aren’t one-size fits all.   Make sure you honor your uniqueness.

  • And finally I’ll offer a “prescription” – a list of a few manageable, totally do-able things you can do now to bring more balance, more nurture, more loving-kindness to your beautiful self. 


You’ll receive your report in PDF format that you can refer to again and again, or print off if you wish.

Once you order, I’ll be in touch to gather the information I need to access your Akashic Records (don’t worry – it’s simple).  And I’ll give you an idea when you can expect your report.  (Most likely within a week’s time.)

The cost:  $125


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