The following is a list of consultations currently available.

Divine Soul Blueprint Consultation

This is a comprehensive consultation in which I look at your Akashic Record for the purpose of helping you see the “big picture” of who you are.  We’ll take a look at your Divine Soul Blueprint – details about your Soul’s origin and history, what specific gifts and treasures you’ve brought into this lifetime, what lessons you’ve chosen to work with, and a number of other things.  I’ll also take a look at areas where you’re experiencing challenges, problems or stuckness, and we’ll discuss the reasons and causes from your Soul’s perspective.  This is a phone consultation and is approximately 60 minutes in length.  After the call I’ll send you a link to the recording.  Once you purchase this reading I’ll be in touch to get the information I need and to arrange an appointment time.

Price: $250.00

Additional Akashic Record Readings

After you’ve had a Divine Soul Blueprint Reading, you’re welcome to return for additional readings of your Akashic Record.  You can specify an area you’d like me to look at – perhaps a specific life situation, a challenge, or a relationship, or I can ask what is in the forefront ready for attention and we’ll proceed from there.  This session is approximately 30-45 minutes and the call recording will be forwarded to you.

Price: $175.00

Self-Care:  Prescription to Thrive Reading

An invitation to self-care practices tailored precisely for you based on information I gather from your Akashic Records.   This is a written report.  You can read more information about this report here.

Price:  $125.00

Spirit Guide Consultation

We all have a team of Spirit Guides working on our behalf and assisting us to align with our Soul’s highest path and purpose and helping us create the life and experiences we choose.  But things are so much easier (and more delightful) when you have a conscious connection with your team.  I will connect with your Guides and describe them for you, and let you know how to tune into their presence.  I ask each Guide if they have a specific message for you, and I report those messages verbatim.  If there’s a question you’d like to ask, I’ll put it to them and report what they have to say.  This is a written report and tends to be 8-10 pages in length.

Price: $200.00

Channeling Session with The Sacred Rose Council

Receive guidance, inspiration, and infusions of love, support and energetic attunement from The Sacred Rose Council, the high vibrational wisdom team I channel.  Come prepared with questions to ask and let yourself be uplifted and surrounded by love.  The session will be recorded.  Thirty- and sixty-minute appointments are available.

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A portion of all sales is donated to charity. Currently proceeds are earmarked for Heifer International to fund the purchase of Honeybees to assist families in need.