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Welcome to my boutique where you’ll find one-of-a-kind and limited-edition treasures.


Working intuitively and in sacred ceremony, I can create a tangible expression of  support specifically for you. You may wish to meditate with this piece, place it on your altar, or simply allow it to act as a touchstone reminding you of your true inner light. Before I begin I will invite you to let me know what you are looking for support on. Price includes shipping within the United States.   Check out the video for some examples.

Price: $100

Gratitude Kit

Do you know what kind of life-changing shifts are possible when you adopt a gratitude practice?  I do.  Gratitude places you in the joy of the moment, and opens a door to welcoming more.

Anyone can adopt a gratitude practice.  All you need is a few moments a day.  Gratitude does the rest.

I’ve put together an entire Gratitude Kit – a limited-edition collection of special things.  This package contains everything you need whether you’re just starting out and wish to establish a gratitude practice or if you already have one and wish to deepen it.

The kit contains:

  • A 2 oz. bottle of my Feel Good Energy Shift  Gratitude auric spray, with instructions for use, and an affirmation you may wish to use.
  • A lovely handmade (by me) journal.  It’s 5.25 x 4.5 inches, 100 pages, with a beaded spine and interior and exterior pockets
  • A candle (handmade by ZenaMoon)
  • A booklet with suggestions and ideas for a gratitude practice.
  • 2 tiny additional surprises.

These are lovely things that will make you feel grateful just having them to work with!   And this is a no-hype limited-edition offer.  Those who know my work understand that each piece is fashioned with intention and infused with energy.  Hand-bound journals are labors of love, and I’ve only created a small number – less than ten are available.

The booklet enclosed with the kit offers suggestions on how you might want to use the journal as part of your gratitude practice, but of course you aren’t limited to that use.  And remember, a gratitude practice doesn’t have to be all solemn and chore-like.  My Gratitude auric spray can assist.  It helps you open to acknowledge what fills your heart with happiness.  And one spray of it and you’re already energetically dancing with uplifted energy.

Treat yourself to something lovely, or gift a friend with something special.

Sold out

2017 Word BOOST

Want on-going energetic support throughout the year as you work with your chosen 2016 word/theme? Full details of the program here.

The cost is $100, which includes shipping within the U.S.

2017 Year of the Rooster

Want some energetic support during this Year of the Yin Fire Rooster?  I’ve created an auric spray to do just that.  Details here.The cost is $20 plus shipping.