Aren’t love letters wonderful?  I’m inviting you to take a peek at mine.

Here are some written to me.  Hopefully they’ll give you an idea of what people experience through my work.

 The reading you did for me; it truly is amazing! You were completely spot on, and I can honestly say it has to be one of the best readings anyone has ever done for me. It explained so much, some of which I had already felt might be true and other things had me thinking “Aha, no wonder”! Many of the pieces just fell into place for me and I felt so much lighter and clearer as a result. I am also happy to say that the energy has certainly been moving in so many positive ways in my life, and I am much clearer as to what some of my next steps are. Thank you Deborah, this was such a huge Blessing and Gift for me!  

Lynx Graywolf, CA

There was such a sweetness that my heart melted with the Divine Love I was experiencing.  I was grateful for all I received. 

Shanta Gabriel, CA

 Deborah Weber is a stunning, incredibly gifted and clear channel of Divine Light – her clarity and gentility in connecting with and presenting the Sacred Rose Council is nothing short of exquisite.  What a joy and a gift to receive Deborah’s channeling the Sacred Rose Council – comforting, powerful, absolutely exquisite!  Words are simply not big enough or powerful enough to describe both the gentleness and the immensely powerful energies of the Sacred Rose Council.  My own experience is life-changing, elegant, and a feeling that I had come home to a loving, caring experience! 

Irene Lucas, CO

Thank you again for the amazing spirit guide reading you did for me.  I am still in awe.  This information is so wonderful.  I know it will take some time to assimilate this information and the messages, but I am spending more time each day getting to know and understand these beautiful spirits!

R.R.,  Frankfort, KY

“I loved, loved, loved my Prescription to Thrive self-care report. It was amazingly accurate. You knew exactly what was present for me. I mean EXACTLY! You spoke about my strengths with such love and my challenges with incredible gentleness. I felt so seen and supported reading what you wrote (and Deborah, you are such a warm and beautiful writer!!!). The prescription part was fabulous. You spoke about leaving old stories behind and to literally stop telling them…and you were spot on! I also appreciate the work you suggested around my 3rd chakra. The report was so detailed and clear…full of valuable tools to take my self-care to the next level. It was truly extraordinary!!! I have nothing but glowing things to say. I am so grateful to have received it.

You are amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!   Love!!”

Jo Anna Rothman

I felt the Council was really present and could see who I really was.  The wisdom they shared resonated with my own internal “knowing of the truth.”  It was a completely worthwhile experience and any hesitations I had due to my own issues were gone.  I felt reassured and loved and that my questions were really heard.

Margot W., WI

I was very pleased with the experience.  It was like a gentle loving bath.  When it was done I just felt clean, refreshed, relaxed, and at peace with my world.  Deborah, you are like a taste of home.

Karen Huff, CA

I wanted to send you a quick note and say thank you for the lovely attunement you and the Sacred Rose Coucil gave me.  It was a joy and pleasure.  My energetic hug stays with me.

Nicole E., WA

Your DAYS experience celebrated the beginning of each day so holistically, with such attention to detail, beautiful art, recommendations for scents, incredibly inspiring quotes (esp. loved the Tom Robbins) and the most fun, an introduction to mudras! As I practiced your guided meditations, or thought about the quotes, and most importantly, processed your suggested intentions for the day, I felt that my day was unveiling itself and I was beginning a journey (which really is travel that can be completed in a day). You have so generously provided me with seven energy journeys in a way that I have not experienced them before. Each day became a beautifully packaged gift to slowly unwrap. Your work, as always, speaks to what is essential, what is joy-filled and what is downright good and beautiful in the world. Not many peeps can make me feel like a radiant vessel of light at 6 a.m. Thank you so much for this marvelous gift.

Terry Lee Getz, St. Pete, FL

Anyone interested in partaking of Deborah’s offerings will be inspired by the beauty of her work, and moved by the depth of her connection. I am truly blessed to know Deborah, and I’m grateful for the work she is facilitating.

Tami Baragry, Ohio