Valentine’s Day Special

I think Valentine’s Day is fun.

What’s not to like about a celebration devoted to heart-centeredness?

Flowers and candy are lovely, but what about putting a bit of a twist on it this year? Why not give my Heart Chakra auric spray?

You don’t have to be in a relationship – although that can be delightful. But if you’re not, there’s no need to be blue. Claim the day as your own. You have a heart. Celebrate it!

And I’ve got a perfect little heart-centered gift idea, whether for yourself or someone special.

My Heart Chakra auric spray is an energetic invitation to listen to the wisdom of your heart. A balanced heart is open and flowing – willing to receive back the good it gives out. It’s a reminder to love yourself and others with compassion and generosity. As with all my sprays I’ll include a card with instructions for use, as well as an affirmation/intention you may wish to use.

And just to make this an extra special gift, I’m including candy too! I’ll slip in a piece of essence-infused Wei chocolate. Delicious! Everything you need to celebrate – and merrily wrapped in a red gift bag.


The cost is $20 plus shipping.

If you’d like to read more about my work and these sprays please visit my website at www.feelgoodenergyshift.com